The benefits of selecting good options

My kids–and their friends–would be the first to tell you that as parents we were strict about what choices we allowed

our children to make.  Our family values were to be considered first. Admittedly we based our children’s options on our upbringing and the academic goals we selected for them. At some point, they bought-into our selections and their lifestyle reflected that commitment. This is not to suggest. As they matured, they were allowed to make decisions they made age-appropriate decisions.  However, they were accountable for making decisions that pleased us. What behavior should the children mimic you might ask? Well, we made it a habit to model responsible behavior. This included a responsibility to finish projects whether self-selected or assigned; to get up when knocked down by unrealistic objectives; and to accept the responsibility to treat others with kindness and care. Our schools expect this from children, but Schools Don’t Teach This.