Here’s what some of the Di Bacco School Alumni have to say:

:”I will never forget what the Di Bacco School did for me. It offered me a small, one-on-one teacher/student ratio, and everyone made sure I really understood the subject matter. I always knew they cared about my future.

I am forever indebted to the Di Bacco School!

Investing in the Di Bacco School is investing in your child’s future. These people really care!”

-Zac Larmer, Class of ’98

“Attending this school gave me the tools to succeed, and I am extremely grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend such a well-established, highly respected school.

The teachers at Di Bacco were incredible! Their hand-on teaching style kept my attention and made learning really enjoyable.”

_ Paul Stengel, Class of “99

“Prior to attending the Di Bacco School, my guidance teacher at public school had suggested I learn a trade. He did not see my potential or in any way recognize how my environment was inhibiting motivation and success.

The Di Bacco School, created the positive, supportive environment that allowed me to grow into a leader in community and business. I was once called uncooperative, lazy and unmotivated by public school, but I am now known as a creative leader, a visionary and a pioneer.”

-Kathy Smyly Miller, Class of ’86