Questions from essay writers about Musicology journal


Journals are an excellent way of keeping track of your daily activity, and help to shed light on how you do things. Later on, when you look back on your entries, you may feel nostalgic, proud, and fulfilled. Keeping records is important for taking exams, reflecting on an assignment, or planning for the future. Look at the criteria for proper journal entries

Here is a list of suggested topics for your music journal. You can choose from this list, or make up your own topics. Remember, 20 entries per marking period are required.

  1. Given the current music environment, what do you think the next pop trend will be?
  2. What is the significance in an awards show?
  3. What objectives do you have to succeed in your career choice?
  4. Who makes the most money in the music and writing business, and why?
  5. How can we use the arts as a means of releasing anxiety?
  6. What are some of the themes that are expressed in music?
  7. What types of reactions can we expect from reading essays?
  8. Why would a musician choose to write about a certain event?
  9. What are some other ways one can deal with a tragedy?
  10. How an artist can make enormous amounts of money from record sales
  11. How an artist gets ripped off by the record companies
  12. Who is Sam Goody, and does he “got it”?
  13. Why is Coconuts “Bananas” about prices?
  14. Why is it the CD I want is “Temporarily Out of Stock”?
  15. One thing I learned from reading a peer’s paper is…
  16. One thing that surprised me about the essay my peer discussed was…
  17. What confused me the most about my peer’s paper was…
  18. I enjoyed the way my peer discussed their topic because…
  19. I think my peer can revise their paper by…
  20. Reading my peer’s paper made me think of…
  21. The thing my peer thought of that I might use for my own paper is…
  22. Describe your first experience with writing essay;
  23. What makes MJ’s contribution to music so important?;
  24. What artists are directly and obviously influenced by MJ? How can you tell?
  25. Is it coincidental that Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan made comebacks at the same time?
  26. How does focusing on a specific artist help us to understand more about music?
  27. How does knowing about an artist help us to appreciate their musical contribution?
  28. What can be learned about songwriting when using a essay like history or social commentary?
  29. How do we remember  about essay of historical events?
  30. Why do you think Billy Joel famous essay writer has “retired” from writing Pop songs, and has focused on classical music?
  31. What similarities can we make between Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and DMX’s “Who We Be”?
  32. Who is Billy Joel, and why is he important to music history?
  33. What songwriters do we know? What do we know about songwriters? Why do we like their songs?
  34. Make a list of songs you like, songwriters you know, and lyrics you admire.
  35. Discuss how our admiration for songwriters affects our lives.
  36. Focus on a specific artist songwriter as a model.
  37. What is the difference between a songwriter and a composer?
  38. Why is film music so important?
  39. Why are copyrights so important?
  40. When did copyrights begin to be used?
  41. How long does a copyright last?
  42. Why would I want to pay for a copyright?
  43. What is intellectual property, and how do I protect it?
  44. Compare the invention of the printing press to the internet, in the context of how both have changed society.
  45. Describe the evolution of sacred music, starting with monophonic, then homophonic and finally polyphonic.