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Over a lifetime, a graduate from a private college tends to earn about 10% more than a graduate from a public school. Private school and public school have very different opportunities attached to them. For one the tuition of each school is very different, a private school will cost more than the tuition of a public school. Also the faculty ratio at each school will be different because the total amount of students that attend a public school is different from the amount at a private school. Both colleges also have different degree offering depending on whether it is private or public. Finally the location of which school you want to choose will different. Although private and public colleges are opportunities of high education, if you want to make a decision on where to go you need to know the ways they differ.

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The tuition for colleges varies depending on whether you go to a private college or public college. For example public colleges are often thousands of dollars less because of the funding that public colleges receives which is tied to tuition cost. Most public colleges are funded by the state government to give people a greater opportunity to receive a college education. Private colleges however, relies on tuition payments and private donation. Since private colleges do not receive state government help this is why their prices are genuinely higher than public colleges. Genuinely because private colleges are more expensive less people can afford to go there which helps the teachers have more one on one interactions with the students.
The student to faculty ratio is different between public and private colleges. Public colleges have larger class sizes which makes personal interaction between staff and students a huge struggle. Depending on how many people are enrolled in a class the student to faculty ration will have a huge difference. Class sizes can have up to 200 people in them with only 1-2 teachers per subject which makes it harder for the staff to be able to interact with students one on one. However private colleges tend to keep class sizes small which makes for a higher faculty to student ration. For example private college Mount Union has a 13:1 student to faculty ratio, where ohio state university public school has a 19:1 ratio. Private schools also have smaller class sizes because of the classes they offer.

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Another huge difference between private and public colleges is their degree offerings. Normally public colleges have a wider range of degree programs to offer. Since public colleges have thousands of more students they normally offer more degrees in different fields of education. Whereas private colleges on offer certain classes because they on have a certain amount of people attending their school. Also they only have a certain amount of teachers to teach different classes. This also depends on the location of the college.
Another major difference between public and private colleges is the location of the schools. Public colleges are often located in a more populated area. Yet private colleges are mostly located away from everything else because they have bigger campuses and more land. Depending on which type of college you would like to go to you would need to think about the location and how far you want to travel to get there.
Figuring out the differences between both private and public colleges will help you decided which college you would like to go to and which college you think would best benefit you and you needs. Its very important to know all the differences between colleges because you never know which could benefit you the most. I think this is a good topic to learn more about because how all the different opportunities colleges offer.