Professional development begins at home

Professional development is not always fun. When I was “on the job,” I recall that each time a staff development training session was announced there was a group of teachers whose facial expressions begin “spitting vinegar.”   Somehow, my children learned these facial expressions be we simply ignored them.  We were determined to keep our focus our objectives for them; constant and continual professional development. Whenever I see a child that brings a smile to my face, I appreciate the parent that has taken care to prepare their child as a gift to me. Then, I can expect your gift to increase in value to the world. This value will reflect the care you’ve taken in developing your child’s value to our communities.

Wrap your gift in these:

  • Things that extol high praise and appreciation

    for others
  • Things that contributing to the good reputation

    of others
  • Things that

    make other people happy.

KikaEnterprises coaches you with “how-to training” in a variety of ways to help your child apply the art of excellence:

  • As a child who can maximize their learning in

    the public schools system.
  • As a child who can think clearly in challenging

  • As a child who is able to clearly and coherently

    express their thoughts.
  • As a child who is willing to produce their best

    quality in any task they choose.
  • As a child who is well received by everyone in

    their community.
  • As a child who enjoys working on community-based