Bangkok Dangerous

Almost ten years ago, the Pang brothers, Danny and Oxide, directed a “Hitman” movie in their native Thailand, and not a good one. Now comes the American remake which the brothers shot themselves. Is there an improvement from the original material? There are a few changes, first. In the new version, the hero is a […]

Questions for Musicology journal

Journal Journals are an excellent way of keeping track of your daily activity, and help to shed light on how you do things. Later on, when you look back on your entries, you may feel nostalgic, proud, and fulfilled. Keeping records is important for taking exams, reflecting on an assignment, or planning for the future. […]

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The Di Bacco School would love to hear from you and help you with your education needs. Whether you are looking for alternative education options for your child or yourself, we are here to help with a private education option that will provide the oasis of hope to ignite the fire of learning and potential. […]


Here’s what some of the Di Bacco School Alumni have to say: :”I will never forget what the Di Bacco School did for me. It offered me a small, one-on-one teacher/student ratio, and everyone made sure I really understood the subject matter. I always knew they cared about my future. I am forever indebted to […]

Welcome to The Di Bacco School

The Di Bacco School offers a “little oasis of hope” for students who are not thriving in the current Florida school enviornment. We offer a self-paced learning experience and adaptable curriculum that recognizes the uniqueness of each person. We view our students as human beings with individual needs and interests, not faceless numbers in a […]