Campus safety from knowledge essay writers

Although it is legal in Texas for people which have a license to carry concealed weapons, it does not necessarily mean it is right to do so. Concealed or not these things can still remain dangerous, and can come with many risks. Many things should also come into consideration when you carry a concealed gun, such as the location one might be in. In certain locations, it can be wrong to carry a concealed weapon of any kind, especially if that spot is at a school.
Carrying a weapon, such as a gun can most of the time reassure us our safety. That is if we were in any sort of danger. The downside of this is that college students shouldn’t feel the need to shelter themselves, especially while being on a university campus. The school system’s main priority is not only to educate and guide us but to also keep us out of harm’s way. Reflecting on this, no student should harbor a fearful thought when present in their college campus. As it happens, in many cases schools have been known to be a “safe haven” to its students. Allowing them to walk around freely, without a worry of being harmed. Permitting a fellow student to carry a gun to school, might alter this concept. Creating misunderstood ideas, that their college campus might not actually be as safe as they would’ve hoped it had been. But if the college campus actually measures up to the level of safety it is supposed to, then what purpose would it serve to carry a gun around? We should allow campus security to take that hardship and do their jobs. A gun isn’t meant to be for show and tell, it comes with a lot of responsibility to even own one. In any given moment something can effortlessly happen, making things go downhill quickly with no warning. For life is and always will be an unexpected mystery.

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To add, not every person that has a license is going to be mentally stable. Anyone older than the age of 21 can actually receive a license. Without even being tested to make sure everything in their mind is flowing the way it should be. Allowing us to very easily issue a deadly weapon (in legal terms) to someone that can at any moment lash out and cause great terror in the streets we’ve grown to love. It may be great and all we are allowed to have a concealed weapon as an American. Putting to use the Second Amendment, found in our Bill of Rights. But no one ever actually expects to have someone that may seem rational, to have a sick mind of their own. To the point in which they decide one day out of the blue to take their gun to school with nothing but bad intentions. Shaping our history, by adding another school shooting in the books. As horrible as the world already is, it’s best to avoid adding any more horrific events. The act of figuring out someone\’s state of mind can be a hard and tricky thing. These people can sometimes even show little to no signs of threat, and act like every other person would, and go on with their day. The same was probably thought about all the school shooters there has been. In these awful occasions, thinking about “legislation focused upon firearms is not the answer. Rather, school safety legislation needs to be school-centered.”, said the best way it could by Elliott Rebekah. Fighting fire with fire would be a suicide mission. What happens behind doors can more than likely reflect their true inner selves. Deceiving us, in thinking that they\’re okay when in reality they aren’t. But by the time we find out, it’s too late to even try to change anything, cause the worst has already happened.
Death can come at any time, unexpected and most important unavoidable. If we were to know how to refrain from it, we would despite the consequences it might bring with it. Not permitting college students to take their concealed guns on campus, might actually be a way of avoiding the dangers of death. Allowing us to feel a slight sense of control in our lives, to help us carry on with our days as we please. Giving us the chance to maintain the so-called peace, we are promised in our “safe haven”.