Actions speak louder than words

The first habit of winners is that they take action to achieve their goals.

Even if you have extraordinary goals and the best plans in the world to achieve them if you do not pass them to actions you’ll have no chance to reach these goals.

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Without action, the ideas are worth nothing

Never forget that most of your intentions will never be as worth as your smallest actions. Without action, your dreams will remain dreams and plans will remain plans! It will work just when you take action, you have a chance to turn your ideas into reality.
Your true values and your true beliefs are expressed only through your actions.
It is not about what you say or what you want to do. Rather the actions that you take, every day!

Action speaks louder than words

Do not pay attention to those people who speak a lot, but only to those who do things.
One of the founders of the company I work with gave us a speech for about an hour about the problems we are facing these days, He ended his speech by saying these words:

“There are those who speak and there are those who act …
which class are you? “

Get Started

Winners do not expect everything to be perfect before taking action. Because everything will never be perfect!
The hardest part is to make the first move, the first step.
Many people spend their time planning. We have to plan it is (usually 2) but this is only useful if these plans are good for something. The moment there is no perfect, ideal conditions never come.

No matter your goals, there will always be obstacles and challenges.

If for example, you expected that all lights are green in the city before leaving home, you would take your car ever.

Take Action

At a time when training and knowledge are accessible all via the internet, media, books … why some people seem to move in the right direction to success while others are not moving?
knowledge is not enough! Without action the skills you have are useless.
The biggest fault of people who have dreams is that they call all the time after.
They know what they have to do but they don’t do it.
The secret is to define small actions to accomplish each day and with constancy and time, you will develop what is called a Momentum dynamics.
The cumulative effect of your efforts will bring you unexpected results.
The fact of daily take action will generate enthusiasm around you and people you did were paying no attention may be helpful for the progress of your project. You become a magnet for opportunities. But to attract the good things you have to activate!

Do not be afraid!

It is also important to understand that nobody has ever managed all at once. And that is what keeps many of you to take action:
fear of failure and rejection prevents most people from achieving what they want than any other aspect of their personality.
About 90% of our fears are imaginary. Our fears are merely the result of the imagination of our minds and have NO real existence. There is no reason to be afraid to fail. To avoid having fears we must take action.
If you focus on what you are doing now it is impossible to be afraid because you do not even have time.
Aren’t you wondering if you want to be an actor or viewer of your life?